Surge Protection

It is a common misconception that an external lightning protection will protect your electronic devices against either direct or indirect lightning strikes.

External lightning protection systems reduce the risk to human life and reduce the damage that a direct  lightning strike can cause to a structure. 

Electronic devices within the structure however, are still extremely vulnerable to both direct lightning strikes and transient electrical spikes caused by indirect lightning strikes.

It is a recommendation within BS EN 62305 and the latest amendment to the Wiring Regulations to  have a Class 1 Lightning Surge arrestor installed on the incoming main supply where there is a lightning  protection system present. We offer a range of devices that are specifically engineered to help protect  your electronic devices against that great voltages brought on by lightning strikes.

We offer both a supply and installation service which can be coordinated with an external lightning protection system upgrade or as a separate installation.

As a very minimum we would recommend that a lightning current arrester be installed on the incoming  main supply of a building, each line entering the building is potentially susceptible to transient  over-voltages and lightning strikes. There are surge protection devices that we can either supply or  supply and install to cover these additional lines. Surge protection should be installed in conjunction with a lightning conductor system.