Inspection and Testing

Lightning Protection Test Equipment

Most insurance companies require that lightning protection systems are regularly tested so that in the event of a lightning strike, they can function correctly.

Inspection and testing ensure that lightning protection systems are maintained correctly with all observed faults  reported to the owner so that they can be repaired without delay. 

The effectiveness of any lightning conductor system depends on installation, maintenance and testing.

Resistance to Earth Testing

Comprehensive Reports

Our inspection and test reports provide accurate information and findings in accordance with the current  regulation BS EN 62305:2011. Any observed faults are identified. We shall then provide our  recommendations for both repairs (if required) and upgrades (if necessary).

Electrical Continuity Testing - FAIL

During an inspection it is fundamental to check for:

* Deterioration and corrosion of air-termination elements, conductors and connections

* Resistance to earth readings for each earth termination

* Corrosion of earth electrodes

* Conditions of connections

* Equi-potential bonds

* Conductor fixings.