Lightning Conductor Installations


External lightning protection systems are necessary to protect buildings from the physical damage that could be incurred as a  result of a direct lightning strike. They also help to protect people within and in the nearby vicinity from potential elecricution by  providing a safe path to earth for the lightning of low resistance. A good system is one that has been installed following a  lightning risk assessment and fully in accordance with BS EN 62305:2011.

System Designs:

Western Lightning have the knowledge and experience to fully design and install a lightning system in accordance with the current code of practice  BS EN 62305:2011. 

We design lightning protection systems based on your requirement, taking into consideration: 

* The visual impact of external conductors. 

* We aim to  conceal conductors as far as practicable. This can be behind  rainwater down pipes or within the building fabric

*  whether steel columns, structural reinforcing and sufficient metallic features can be utilised a “natural” conductors

*  Whether a building is of historical significance and listed

* The external finished colour of the building being protected. We have a variety of colours available for PVC sheathing (see  below).These can be obtained in different sizes

* The location of the building. Copper systems are preferred for buildings within close proximity to the sea. This is due to the  saline atmosphere which has corrosive effects on aluminium conductors and joints.

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PVC sheathing colours available for copper or aluminium tapes are black, white, grey, stone and brown.

As a company we only use materials that are fit for purpose and fully in accordance with the requirements of BS EN  62305:2011. We use materials from Dehn (UK), Furse and AN Wallis.